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Sexual Enhancement for Men and Women

Alma Duo can improve endurance and sensation for both men and women while also boosting stamina and spontaneity.  If you experience consistent or even occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) or simply want to improve your performance, the Alma Duo procedure uses shock wave therapy to improve blood flow to bring spontaneity back to your bedroom.

Clinical studies have revealed that the benefits of Alma Duo Sexual Enhancement Treatments can last as long as one year. Alma Duo is a non-invasive, in-office procedure that doesn’t require any surgery or downtime.  These quick and easy treatments can be an excellent option for women and men of all ages who want to improve their sexual health or who may have sexual-function concerns.

Regain Your Confidence

Are you ready to restore your naturally vibrant sexual performance?  Alma Duo treatments for men and women utilize a low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy that is considered the gold standard of shock wave technology.  It has been clinically evaluated and proven to improve blood flow and overall function in both men and women.

Improve Functionality

Suffering from sexual dysfunction can feel distressing and frustrating, but with Alma Duo, we can assess your vascular concerns to get you feeling confident and functional.  The trained medical experts at The ChiroSpa in Mount Pleasant, SC, are ready to help you achieve your goals and get your intimate life back on track.

Real Results

Studies have shown that 76% of patients will experience improvement in their sexual well-being. In extreme cases of ED where the patient could not get an erection at all, 70% were able to get an erection with their medicines after receiving Alma Duo treatment.