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The Chiro Spa - Your Chiropractor in Mount Pleasant SC

At The Chirospa, we offer a comprehensive, holistic approach to your overall health, wellness, and appearance. The treatment methods we offer at The ChiroSpa provide an excellent way to maintain your health and wellness and avoid conditions and illnesses that can affect the quality of your life. Regular chiropractic care, when coupled with our therapeutic treatments, like the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Infrared Sauna, Cold Plunge Tank, Salt Booth, and Compression Boots can offer important and life-changing benefits, including: a healthier immune system, reduced pain, improved balance, natural headache and migraine relief, better posture, fewer age-related aches and pains, less stiffness, better gastrointestinal health, lower blood pressure, natural stress reduction, and a solution to sleep problems. At The ChiroSpa, we strive to provide an environment where you can rest and relax and get the full benefit of each treatment from and consult with Dr. Josh.  We can guarantee that a visit to The ChiroSpa will leave you feeling healthier, more rejuvenated, and less stressed than ever before.

Regain Energy, Youth, & Vitality

At The ChiroSpa, you will find it’s possible to defy and even reverse the aging process!  Through our unique combination of therapies, you can unlock your body’s true potential and the natural healing processes that promote a healthy lifespan.  At The ChiroSpa, we will help you restore vital function and balance to achieve and maintain your optimal health and well-being. We provide long-term solutions that are free of the risk of side effects and/or addiction. Our treatments are perfect for those who want to be actively engaged in their health and overall wellness so they live their best lives for themselves and their loved ones, now and for years to come!

Expert Care


After serving the Lowcountry area as a Chiropractor for over ten years, Dr. Josh created The ChiroSpa, which joins chiropractic care, wellness, and aesthetic services in a spa-like environment at our office in Mount Pleasant, SC. Dr. Josh provides life-changing chiropractic services and treatments and also recommends ways to prolong and enhance the benefits of those treatments so that you can look and feel your best. We believe in offering our patients a way to heal themselves and cure their ailments with a variety of drug-free alternatives.

Best Chiropractor in Mount Pleasant! Been with Dr.Josh since his old office 2 years ago! He’s always taken care of my spine issues and I feel like a new person after each adjustment! The new facility is nice and spacious with new equipment. Both Dr.Josh and Ms.Renee have always been the sweetest and I'm definitely staying!

It was one of the most important life changes I have ever had. I have been in construction for 22 years and my body was in very bad condition. It took a few months but I started feeling better. After the first year, my neck and hips adjusted back to where they should, I'm talking about inches! Now I am 2 years in and I have ZERO pain. I do not need to suppress the pain anymore with alcohol and drugs. I am forever thankful for the team at The ChiroSpa and I highly recommend them to anyone.

I am forever grateful for the transformation that I have gone through with the ChiroSpa! After 20 years of hard labor I was in constant pain and I can honestly say I feel great now due to the expert adjustments and advise I have received over the past 2 years from Dr. Josh and his team. Support your local small businesses!

I can only tell you through the years of going to the “not right for me” places, I have finally found the right doctor to fix my back! It’s only been a few sessions for now and I’ve already feeling so much better! ( like a significant noticeable better ) The office is super cute and Dr.Headley is super friendly and he spends time with you explaining to you how everything works. I’m just so happy I found the right place and I’m exited for my up coming visits!

I've only been going to see Josh for about a month and he has not only treated my neck and back issues with adjustments, but he has helped me so much more, he has taught me more about my body and understand my posture and improve it with exercises to do on my own. He always listens to how I'm doing and adjusts the treatment to how I am feeling. Thank you!